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Love On The Half-Shell

NEW Half Shell Cover.jpg

Rae Green believes in the power of good recipes, not only in the kitchen but in life as well. She invests in preparation, hard work, and independence - until the night a stranger calls to ask if she is willing to take custody of her two nieces. The children are virtual strangers since their drug-addled mother banished Rae four long years ago, but with her sister incarcerated, Rae immediately agrees.


Rae’s well-ordered life goes into the toilet, accompanied by everything she thought she knew. With Melissa, a disturbed five-year-old, and newly adolescent Torey, the drama queen from hell, in tow, Rae stumbles into romance and a desperate need to heal her nieces from their past.


And maybe, along the way, figure out how to heal herself as well. Three parts love, two parts grit, the perfect recipe for creating a family. 

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