Mountain and River

Stories of Small Towns and Strong Women


For me, giving others the gift of a story, an escape from reality that leaves a person refreshed, hopeful, maybe even happy, is the highest of callings. 


I hope my stories do this for you.

My Books

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What Readers are saying about Love on the Half Shell:


"This is a wonderful book and I couldn't put it down. The characters are real and I felt myself drawn to Rae as she struggled with her situation. I hope to see much more from Elvy Howard!" 

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Lady G.jpg

What Readers are saying about Lady Guadalupe and the Sno-Kone Hut:


"The book was well written and the story kept me turning the pages. I have been interested in my Melungeon ancestry, and this book helped solve some of the problems I have encountered. The characters in the story were great."


What Readers are saying about Bounty - A Love Story:


"As a reader who adores character-driven stories, I felt especially warmed by this book. The "small town" setting, coupled with the unique, lovely characters (especially Netty and Pansy), left me with that all-too-pleasant stab of disappointment whenever I had to part from them in the end. I almost have a "homesick" feeling now that it's over.
If you love sweet stories of young love with quirky, sometimes humorous characters, this should definitely be a novel to check out."

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I love bookworms and bookclubs better than anything. If your group is in central Virginia, I can be there in person and bring muffins. If not, I can zoom anywhere. Please use my contact form to arrange a visit.

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