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Stories of Small Towns and Quirky Characters

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For me, giving others the gift of a story, an escape from reality that leaves a person refreshed, hopeful, maybe even happy, is the highest of callings. 


I hope my stories do this for you.

My Books

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Rae Green believes in the power of good recipes, not only in the kitchen but in life as well. She invests in preparation, hard work, and independence - until the night a stranger calls to ask if she is willing to take custody of her two nieces. The children are virtual strangers since their drug-addled mother banished Rae four long years ago, but with her sister incarcerated, Rae immediately agrees.


Rae’s well-ordered life goes into the toilet, accompanied by everything she thought she knew. With Melissa, a disturbed five-year-old, and newly adolescent Torey, the drama queen from hell, in tow, Rae stumbles into romance and a desperate need to heal her nieces from their past.


And maybe, along the way, figure out how to heal herself as well. Three parts love, two parts grit, the perfect recipe for creating a family.

This is a wonderful book and I couldn't put it down. The characters are real and I felt myself drawn to Rae as she struggled with her situation. I hope to see much more from

Elvy Howard!

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Jolene Gibson has been alone for a long, damn time, but she never noticed, what with keeping Gibson's Bait & Tackle from going under, reading those Tarot cards, and making cures for folks. No one knew she also spent time with her secret boyfriend, Lyman Pettigrew, and, if asked, she couldn't have said why she kept messing with him. 


Life in a small town was a lot like the Bacon River beside the Bait & Tackle, slow and meandering. No one had an inkling of the changes headed their way - a miracle impacting them and everyone they knew. Welcome to Magnolia, Virginia, a sleepy little place about to wake up. 

The book was well written and the story kept me turning the pages. I have been interested in my Melungeon ancestry, and this book helped solve some of the problems I have encountered. The characters in the story were great.


It’s 1953. Somehow, Tom talked Netty into marrying him two weeks after they meet. Three months later, instead of getting comfortable with each other confusion multiplies like mushrooms after a month of rain.


Netty and Tom hope a cross-country trip to Tom’s home in Lexington, Virginia, will change things, but what they don’t know is another journey tags along; discovering what each has to learn before pledging themselves to another. With heart and humor, you’re invited to join them.

As a reader who adores character-driven stories, I felt especially warmed by this book. The "small town" setting, coupled with the unique, lovely characters (especially Netty and Pansy), left me with that all-too-pleasant stab of disappointment whenever I had to part from them in the end. I almost have a "homesick" feeling now that it's over.
If you love sweet stories of young love with quirky, sometimes humorous characters, this should definitely be a novel to check out.

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